Electric Bikes

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Hub City Cycles has been selling electric bikes and ebike conversion kits since 2014! We have a variety of bikes and conversion options.

Electric Bikes
We are dealers of the beautiful bikes made by Envo Drive Systems (otherwise known as ebikebc). The D35 is the best selling model. Take a look at photo gallery below, or visit their website for more info. It also comes in a step-thru model.
Envo provides a variety of other models of electric bikes such as folding, recumbent, fat bike and trike.

Biktrix electric bikes are a new addition to our offerings. They have a large selection of high powered bikes with mid-drive, hub drive, fat tires, off-road, on-road and more. Take a look at their website for the entire catalogue.

We also have Damco E-bolt ebikes which are also shown in the gallery below with specs. These bikes will be available for sale and for rent starting in spring 2021. Try before you buy and use up to one day of rental fee towards the purchase cost of the bike.

E-Bike Conversion Kits
Add some battery power to your bike (or trike) that you really love and you want to keep riding. Bring it in to the shop so we can see and assess it and chat more about the options.

We offer mid drive motors and hub drive motors that are geared or direct drive in a variety of wheel sizes that can be mounted in the place of a front or rear wheel. There are multiple options when it comes to battery sizes and mounting positions, throttle controls, pedal assist, displays and much more. We can design and install a system tailored to your needs and budget. Prices start around $1500 but will depend on the kind of system you get, battery capacity, extra options and also what the bike can accommodate. Come in for a free consultation. We offer products available from Grin Technologies and Envo Drive Systems, both local and well-reputed companies based in the Vancouver area.

If you can’t buy an electric bike or ebike conversion kit in one lump sum payment, we now offer payment plans!
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