Repairs & Tune-ups

No appointment needed!

From fixing flat tires to hand building new wheels, tightening a loose screw to a full tuneup, and everything else in between, we can provide you the service that you need fast and at a reasonable price. We have a selection of new and used parts  you can choose from. Hub City Cycles is fully equipped to handle almost any repair your bicycle may need.

Whether you need a quick repair like a flat tire, or a total overhaul, bring your bike on by any time and roll it into the shop. We repair flats immediately, and other minor repairs may be able to be done on the spot too. If the repair is more involved like a tune-up, expect to leave your bike with us for a few days. We service bikes in the order that they come to us, so sometimes there can be a bit of a wait, especially during the summer

You've got options for getting your bike fixed:

In-Shop Full Service

Want to let us take care of working on your trusty steed? No problem. We repair all styles, brands and ages of bikes in any condition. We've got the tools, experience and parts you need to get your bike going again, keep it running smooth, or step it up a notch. You can be assured of a quick turnaround time and high quality work from our experienced mechanics.

Shop & Tool Usage (not offered during due to COVID restrictions)

One of the benefits of becoming a member of Hub City Cycles Community Co-op is that you get to use the shop tools and space. Members who are in good standing can pay an hourly, monthly or annual usage fee and can come in any time to do repairs on a bike within the shop. Usage fees and rates can be found here. Become a member today!

Service-As-You-Need-It is defined as a shop employee giving regular verbal instruction and demonstrating proper repair techniques to a user. This service level can be engaged at any point when doing repairs.

Self Service is defined as an experienced and autonomous user who might have the odd question about where to find a tool or part, but does not require for assistance when doing any repairs.


Safety Tune-up


Ideal for bikes that been unused for an extended period of time, part of your frequent tuneup schedule or perhaps just before an extended ride or tour. We will check nuts and bolts for functionality and safety, adjustment of gears and brakes, inflate tires, lube chain. A full checkup will be done and recommendations for further repairs will be noted.

Regular Tune-up


Having a full and complete tune-up is something that every bike rider should do at least once a year, and perhaps more if you put on a lot of miles. We'll adjust hubs, bottom bracket, and headset, true wheels, adjust gears and brakes, lube cables, grease stem, seat post and pedal threads, tighten all nuts and bolts, inflate tires and test ride.

Complete Overhaul Tune-up


This is for the lucky bike and rider that won't settle for anything less than fully pampering their bike and bringing it back to like-new condition. If your bike has been well ridden but neglected for a while, this might be the option for you. We will do everything in a regular tune-up and more including overhauling all bearing assemblies (hubs, headset, bottom bracket), and all service and parts installation is included. Cost of parts are not included