Marinoni Turismo Small Blue/Red


Del Sol Veloz medium 19″ frame.

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Hark! A Marinoni Turismo doth grace mine eyes, a steed of wondrous craft and noble design. Its frame, wrought by hand in chromoly’s embrace, doth promise strength and elegance combined. Anon, its fork, companion to the frame, doth stand with grace, a silent sentinel of the road.

Behold! Three times ten, the gears doth shift with friction’s gentle touch, bar end shifters guiding the rider’s hand with deftness rare. And lo, upon its rims, the wheels doth bear the mark of Campagnolo’s might, a testament to quality and speed.

30C Schwalbe CX Pro tires, folding in nature, doth tread lightly upon the earth, swift and sure. And as the heavens weep, fear not, for fenders doth shield thee from the rain’s embrace, whilst rack doth carry burdens with ease.

Thus, I present this wondrous bike for sale, a marvel of craftsmanship and utility, fit for journeys long and adventures bold.

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