ABCs Basic Bike Repair Course


This course is ideal for people who want more in depth knowledge of bicycle maintenance or for aspiring bike mechanics to gain understanding of and experience in all aspects of bicycle repair.

Topics for this 4-hour course include:
 – Tire types and uses
 – Tube patching and replacement
 – Minor rim and disc brake adjustment
 – Minor derailleur adjustment.

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Bring your own bike and learn the basics of how to repair and maintain it in this 2-hour class. 
AIR – Tires inflated properly? Worn out? Punctured? Tips and tricks for solving these and other common problems in the pneumatic system.
BRAKES – Stopping safely and easily? Brake Squeal? Does your cable need tightening or replacing? What kind of brake pads your bike need? Brakes are one of the most important systems on the bike to maintain to ensure safe riding.
CHAINS & DERAILLEURS – Gears skipping? Chain coming off? How often should I lubricate or replace the chain? Learn the limits of these most worked components for maximum use life and smooth spinning.

If you are interested in taking the course, submit your info via our signup sheet and we will get in touch with potential dates when we are ready to offer it.