Joining the Co-op

Hub City Cycles is a non-profit community  service cooperative who’s purpose is to be a resource that nourishes the neighbourhoods in and around downtown Nanaimo by providing affordable bicycle-centric services and advocacy that build, empower and support healthy and sustainable communities, providing a safe and welcoming space for people to come to learn, share skills and network with other community members.

A co-op is a business organization owned and operated by a group of individuals for their mutual benefit and to further the goal as stated above. The owners are community members like you. If you would like to become a shareholder/member, visit the shop, fill out an application, and with the minimum purchase of one share, which costs $5  (refundable when you decide to leave the co-op) you can become a lifetime member

It’s not necessary to be a member to enjoy some of the services, but there are benefits

There are 3 classes of membership, User, Support, Worker.
User members are eligible  individuals or organizations in the community that make use of the services provided by the Association.  Worker members are individuals, engaged in work of any type for the Association. Support members are individuals or eligible organizations that have an interest in the achievement of the Association’s objectives but do not intend to use the services provided by the Association.

Members are bound by the Hub City Cycle Community Cooperative Rules and Memorandum, the Cooperative Association Act of BC, and the Policies of the Association.