A Bike Ride Through Nanaimo History

  Looking for another way to spend time biking in the sun?  From the No. 1 Mine, the Bastion to the Sawmills of the Millstone River the City of Nanaimo’s Culture & Heritage Department has created a fascinating bike route which explores the history of Nanaimo. We have many brochures […] Read More

I Choose You!

Bicycles are as individual as the people who ride them. Unlike people, however, our two-wheeled friends can be split based on their purpose and build.   So, which type of bike is right for you? To help you figure that out, we’ve listed the main types of bikes you’ll find […] Read More

Fix or Replace?

Here at Hub City, our customers and mechanics are often faced with the dilemma to fix or replace a bike part. However, if our mechanics ever say “well, you could replace it,” this is what they’re actually saying: the part is not entirely dead yet. If the part is simply […] Read More

Road Rules

Cycling on the road can be a dangerous endeavour, but proper bike handling can help keep you safe.  These pointers come directly from Bike Sense , the B.C. cycling manual. This booklet, which is available at HCC, is written and reviewed by professional cycling skills instructors, cycling advocacy organizations, bicycle […] Read More

Lock It or Lose It!

A recent string of bike thefts has hit Nanaimo. In fact, someone stole one of our mechanic’s bikes from right in front of the shop! And while our mechanic was lucky enough to recover his ride, he’s one of the lucky ones. In fact, statistics from major cities around Canada […] Read More