“Why can’t you fix my bike now?”

Sometimes you get people who come in with their bikes and they want same-day service.  In a lot of cases, like flat repair or a minor brake adjustment, we can quickly fix the problem.  However, when the ‘little jobs’ pile up, so does the time.

Actual VS Perceived Time Cost

When you see someone experienced at doing something, you might be all like ‘OMG that’s fast! This person can obviously perform advanced mechanics at the speed of puppies galloping towards sliced roast beef!’

Well… yes and no.  In a perfect world, we can reasonably expect to perform mechanics in a certain timeframe.  However, there are factors that can complicate this.

“Your wheel isn’t ‘a little wobbly’; it’s dead. RIP.”
  • Hidden damage can be found, making a repair into a possible replacement
  • Available components not working with a particular build
  • Components on order not sent by supplier
  • The possibility of a repair ahead of your bike taking longer than anticipated
  • Worn parts making adjustment more difficult

First Come, First Served

We can sometimes, in a pinch, find the time to help someone who desperately needs their bike to get to work.  We’re not monsters.  However, mainly we adhere to the idea of ‘first-come, first-served’.  When you walk into the shop, chances are that there are at least 10 repairs ahead of you and 5 that will walk in after you leave.

The time of our previous customers is also important.  This is why we can’t generally do a major fix in two days – there are already three to five on our roster.

‘But this is an emergency!’

If it’s an emergency, we will try.  If we know you depend on your bike to get to work/school/pick up your kids, we most often can find a way.  Otherwise, your bike will get done in the order that it came or we can guide you through fixing it yourself.  Which, we think, is the best of both worlds.

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