Amazing Spring Deals

We have a lot available!  Come check out our newest bikes and accessories!

We offer complimentary Project 529 registration with every bike we sell.
This Brodie Section 7 just came in. Perfect cruiser bicycle for those who want to take things leisurely. $500, new condition.
One of two Mongoose trail bicycles, size small. $150 each!
The second of two. $150


We have in stock one Birzman complete travel tool kit, which retails for $375. Everything you need for today’s bicycles in one handy kit. Way cheaper and more convenient than buying each tool one at a time!
Birzman travel kit: closeup of the top version.
Birzman travel kit: closeup of bottom version.
Kickstarter darling, FixIt Sticks are on the hooks for $40
Chain Reaction had a sale on these Lezyne USB rechargeable lights, so we’re able to offer them at an incredibly cheap price – $15/light or $25/pair.
The SMP Trekker saddle comes in Mens and Womens and provides lots of space where you need it most. Retails for $80.
If you have a single speed bike, you can trick it out with the matching chain, too. We have red, blue, yellow, lime, pink, orange, and purple as well as basic black.

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