Springtime Tune Up!

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It would appear that the snow has gone and is going to stay gone, so now’s the time to get your bike checked out, especially if you’ve been braving the snow and salted roads.

Our Tune-ups

Safety Tune-up – $32

The bare minimum, the safety tune-up covers brake adjustment, shifter adjustment and going over the bike to make sure all the nuts and bolts are tight.  Now, if the bike has issues like wheels that aren’t straight, it’s going to be harder to make the bike work properly.  So, we have the…

Regular Tune-up- $73

This covers the Safety tune-up, as well as straightening (truing) the wheels and adjusting the wheel hubs/headset/bottom bracket to address knocking/wobbling.  However, this isn’t the same as overhauling these bearing assemblies.  So, we have the…

Overhaul – $170

This is what you do when you love your bike and want it to ride like new.  We do everything in the Safety and Regular Tune-ups with the addition of opening up all your bearing assemblies – the hubs, the bottom bracket, the headset – and cleaning them out.  New grease and new ball bearings in an otherwise decent hub and your bike will ride like it just came off the sales floor.

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Frequently, we come across assemblies that are worn past the point of repair or adjustment.  In this case, we usually recommend that they be replaced with new ones.  With the Safety and the Regular tuneups, the labour cost is extra.  With the Overhaul, labour cost is included.

If you have a specific dollar amount budgeted for your bicycle, no problem.  We can work within the dollar amount to give your bike the best tuneup/repair/replacement for the budget.

Email us at hubcitycycles@gmail.com or call 250-591-2159 for more information.

***While we can tell you what a specific procedure will cost, we can’t give definitive quotes without looking at a bike.  Come visit us!***


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