Happy New Year 2017

It’s January 3rd and we are open for business!  We’re back to our normal schedule: 10-6, Tuesday to Saturday.

Our booking order came in… with nearly all of the items we were hoping to sell through the holiday season off the order.  We are still waiting for our lights and locks, which should be coming in sometime in January. 

It’s the ideal time to come in and use the shop!  It’s pretty quiet around here, what with all the cold weather, so use this time to your advantage.  Snag a stand, tune up your bike, get it ready for when the weather hits above 0.  Or brave the ice and head on out.

Ice actually isn’t that bad, nor snow.  Reduce the pressure in your tires, keep your pedalling slow and steady, and avoid ruts.  Glove up and head out!  


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