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Damco 26

Suspension Front Fender 26"


USB Visibility Lights


Limar 545 helmets

Zefal K-Traz U13 Code / Cable

Zeval K-Traz U17 Key / Cable

ZEFAL K-TRAZ M14 Chain Lock

We’re bringing in some winter-friendly accessories on our booking order, which will be coming in the second week of December.


We have a couple of different options for bikes.  Full fenders are good for those who are never going to take them off.  They are permanently attached with small bolts that usually fit into threaded holes or braze-ons on the frame.  We also have plastic clip-on fenders, but face it – are you really going to want to take these things off?

Trail bikes need a slightly different set-up because they have shocks that can’t be compromised by the full fender set-up.

We sell two separate fenders for this kind of bike: the front and the back.  The front attaches to the fork from underneath so that the shock action isn’t interfered with.  The rear attaches to the seatpost and keeps the fender clear of the rear wheel when it’s under load.


We have a number of lights coming in to illuminate your night.  We’ve been testing a number of these and have found that our economy USB rechargeables are the best for people who want a rechargeable option for their visibility lights.  We’re also looking into a $40-$50 rechargeable option for a brighter light.

It is BC law to have lights on the front and rear of your bicycle at night:

(6) A cycle operated on a highway between 1/2 hour after sunset and 1/2 hour before sunrise must have the following equipment:

(a) a lighted lamp mounted on the front and under normal atmospheric conditions capable of displaying a white light visible at least 150 m in the direction the cycle is pointed;

(b) a red reflector of a make or design approved by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia for the purposes of this section;

(c) a lighted lamp, mounted and visible to the rear, displaying a red light.

(7) Despite any other provision of this Act or the regulations, a cycle may be equipped with a flashing red light that is of a make or design approved by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia for the purposes of this section.

Speaking of BC law, we also have helmets – also required for anyone of any age operating a bicycle.

They retail for about $50, depending on the helmet and they come with mesh on the front to catch the bugs and strap wraps so the excess straps don’t smack you in the face at high speeds.  Small, medium, and large fit most people.


We are getting in our very popular U-lock/cable combo, which retails for $44.  We are also bringing in a combo USB lock, ideal for those who forget keys!  We have a new chain lock coming in and our folding steel locks will be making a reappearance.  All of these are going to be in the $40-50 range.

We have supplies of the cable combo and key locks, but for real security, a U-lock or chain lock is where it’s at.  We’re looking forward to stocking the new locks and seeing what our customers think of them.

Locking your bike should involve at least one wheel, the frame, and an immovable object.  The cable adds an extra layer of protection to your other wheel, especially if you are parking only temporarily at a coffee shop or the store.  Nothing is guaranteed, though, so lock your bike as securely as you can!

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