Cyclocross Season

Jude, Laura, Tyler, Ryan, and Graham, Beban Park, November 2015

What is cyclocross? It’s a combination of road cycling, mountain biking, portage, and mud wrestling. Races are generally held in the winter, when the mud is plentiful and the terrain slippery. Racers have to cycle, run, carry, and in some cases, crawl along the circuit. It is a lot of fun and the camaraderie among racers is terrific.


Hub City Cycles is active in the cyclocross racing circuit. Cross on the Rock, the local cyclocross race series is in full swing, and Hub City Cycles.

We raced in Farmer Bills Cattle X’ing which was held in Port Alberni on October 23rd. It was a great race on a rare bright sunny October day but still nice and muddy on the course. There were many cow paddies to dodge and some spooky features to unnerve concentrating riders.

The races at Beban and Bowen have left Hub City Cycles’ team standings at 16 out of 40. Way to go, Tyler, Jude, Graham, James, and Laura! We also gained notoriety with a propane oven in which we baked copious amounts of chocolate chip cookies to fuel hungry racers.

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