Mechanics Skills For Life

WorkshopOne of the most important aspects of Hub City Cycles is the mechanics instruction we provide to our members.  Learning bicycle mechanics isn’t just an affordable way of maintaining your bicycle; it teaches you a number of invaluable life skills.

‘I can fix it’

One of the most empowering mindsets one can have is the confidence that they can improve their situation.  Learning bicycle mechanics teaches you that you can solve problems and improve on established systems.  Understanding the system that you are using enables you to utilize it to its fullest capacity.  Once you learn to fix one thing, it becomes easier to fix something else.

‘I can put it back together’

Many people can be afraid to take something apart because they’re afraid they will break it or make things worse.  Learning mechanics teaches you that you can figure out how something works and put it back together successfully.  ‘Tinkering’ teaches patience, observation, fine motor skills, and problem solving.

‘I can figure this out’

Problem solving is a skill that mechanics teaches you almost immediately.  Something isn’t working.  Why isn’t it working?  What’s interfering with its performance? What do you need to do to make it perform well?  What are the recommended/most economical/easiest/longest lasting options?  What best fits the situation?

Problem solving skills have wide applications in life.  If you learn them in one discipline, it is easier to apply them to another.

‘I can learn faster’

The concept of an ‘intelligence quotient’ – a finite  that every person possesses has come under fire in recent years, especially the idea that IQ is immutable.  It is not.  You can teach your brain new pathways and strategies to acquire and retain new skills.  Learning bicycle mechanics can train your mind to pick up other skills more efficiently, especially ‘hands-on’ skills.

‘I can.  You can.  We can.’

Learning bicycle mechanics is so much more than learning how to adjust your own brakes or fix a flat tire.  It’s learning that you have the power to improve your own life and the lives of others.

It’s impressive what you can do for yourself just by picking up a wrench!

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