Cycling Cuba

One of our bike rebuilds has a bright future – in Cuba.  One of our customers bought a bike to cycle in Cuba, with the intention of leaving it for someone to use when she left.

Jane on her Kuwahara Sea to Sky in Cuba

Here is me in a small town near Santa Clara on my bike.  Bicycling here is fun but one has to pay attention to pot holes, big exhaust polluting trucks, horses and buggies and the great old cars.

I am happy to be leaving my bicycle from Hub city cycles to the 22 year old daughter of our driver.  She is a 4th year medical student with two years to go and does not have a bicycle to get back and forth to school.  I won’t be able to meet her because she lives and studies in a city far south of here.

Cuba is a country at a crossroads, it has lots of natural resources and a very well educated population but the economy, with the lifting of sanctions, is a huge concern to everyone.  The people are generous and fun and the countryside beautiful.  Fertile land provides most of the food needed. ~ Jane

We’re very pleased that our bikes are travelling far and wide!

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