Winter Cycling in Nanaimo

It looks like it’s shaping up to be a cold winter in the Hub City.  Most of the time, Nanaimo cyclists don’t have to worry about the weather that the rest of Canada takes as a matter of course.  However, with the recent frosts, mornings are both cold and slippery.  Even when it isn’t freezing, it’s raining. So what’s a cyclist to do?

  • Dress For The Weather
  • Winterize Your Bike
  • Get Out Cycling!

Dressing for the weather is key to ensuring your winter commuting is as comfortable as possible.  You need proper outerwear to make sure that you are not too hot or cold and, most importantly, as waterproof as possible.  In many cases, winter cycling means that you need to take a change of clothes or leave them at work if you are cycling to and from employment.  See more on our Dress For The Weather post.

Winterizing your bike means making sure that it is as prepared as possible for the ice and frost that Nanaimo is experiencing right now.  Salt will be scattered on the roads and grit will be everywhere.  The constant rain may put nuts and bolts at risk of rusting.  Your chain is going to take a beating and, with it, your drivetrain.  There’s a lot of things you can do to minimize the impact of a Nanaimo winter on your ride.  See more on our Winterizing Your Bike post.

Get out cycling!  It may be winter, but there are plenty of gorgeous days where you can enjoy Nanaimo on two wheels.  Winter cycling may take a little more caution, but can be executed successfully by the prepared and alert.  See more on our Get Out Cycling! post.

Have fun!





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