Documentary: ‘BIKES vs CARS’ showing at VIU Oct 7th 2015

VIU Sustainability and the Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition would like to draw your attention to the movie ‘Bikes vs Cars’  which we are presenting at:

VIU building 250, room 125 on October 76:30pm.

This feature-length documentary,  is meant to be used an engine for all of us that think change is needed and possible. The film will investigate the politics that keep the car model thriving.

Here’s a peak into the synopsis:
There’s an ongoing war: bikes vs cars. A multi-billion dollar industry that from early days has done everything to make society car dependent. Hundreds of billions of dollars are invested every year to sell the dream of car freedom. Now, oil prices and traffic gridlock have opened up room for the bicycle revenge.

Creative initiatives pop up, politicians and activists take on the mighty car. The car lobbyists have an enormous impact on city planning, in history and today. Do politicians dare to challenge the lobbyists?

The 90 minute film follows individuals around the world that are fighting to create change. We also meet a car commercial director, oil lobbyists and politicians afraid to lose the car owner’s vote.

For more information and movie trailer go to:


Leo Boon

HCC Member
President Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition
Director BC Cycling Coalition

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