Over 12,000 km of Cycling in 18 months!

20150620_Ralf_BikeTour Last Saturday we had the pleasure of repairing Ralf’s brake cable.  It is exciting to have long haul tourers pass through the shop.  Ralf and his wife set off around 18 months ago for an impressive tour of a good chunk of the globe.  Originally from Ontario, they saved for 2 years in order to travel for 2.  In brief, France is great for cycling, Spain is better, avoid Portugal.  Cuba is a delight though the roads can be a bit bumpy.  The USA is amazing, but work to avoid major routes.  Cycling in Portland is apparently remarkable; let us try and emulate their bike infrastructure success!  He told us that on one of their bridges has a counter on it to track how many cyclists go by each day.  It resets at midnight.  It easily jumps over 2,000 by 9 am.  The counter is available for viewing online: portland-hawthorne-bridge.visio-tools.com Jaw dropping numbers.  Ralf and Jacky keep a blog which I recommend you check out (I found the entry where we are mentioned).  It can be found at: winter-rides.com20150620_Ralf_BikeTour_ii

Ralf’s bike was a sweet piece of work with some beautiful wheels, a unique kick stand and some high tech lights. Another rider in love with marathon plus tires.

General specifications:

Trek 520: Wheels: 700 x 32; Cassette: 11-32; Crank: 26-36-48; Brooks B-17

Panniers: Arkel Dolphin 48 (Rear)

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