HUB City Cycles helps out Our Community Bikes

Our Community Bikes

Recently we received a call-out for some funds to help fellow bike shop move into a new space.  OCB (Our Community Bikes) has been an inspiration for Hub City Cycles since the beginning and some of our worker-members have spent wonderful moments in our lives sharing the space.  They have a very nice video currently running on their site that explains what they are up too.

“Our Community Bikes (OCB) is the best known project of PEDAL. It is a full service repair shop, bicycle recycling depot and an educational workspace for people who wish to repair their own bikes or learn how to do so. Our shelves and bins are stocked with new and used parts, and our mechanics do their best to help you figure out with that weird sound is, or why your 10 speed has been acting like a single speed.”

We consider OCB an important pillar in the community bike shop world and were happy to donate $200 to their cause.  Their grand opening is tomorrow and we wish them the utmost success with their new location!

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