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We just finished assembling this trike for a customer and while it was still in the shop it really grabs a lot of attention.  After talking with the customer she explained that as she is getting older and her hip issue is getting a little worse therefore she needed something stable, easier on the body and that still allowed her to get out and enjoy riding.  The Comfort Tri-Rider from Belize Bicycles was what she chose. As we have an aging population, trikes are gaining popularity.  Trikes allow you to go as slow as you please without loosing balance.  There are some very comfortable designs which keep you in an upright riding position which is easier on the back, butt, and hands.  Modern trike frames are quite skookum which means they can accommodate heaver weights.  With a lot of basket space there is room for your groceries, your dog, and most other treasures you want to haul along. We order our trikes from a company based in Montreal called Belize Bikes.  There are many electric versions too.  We have installed electric kits on a few trikes and their owners seem very pleased with the results.

Belize_logoBELIZE BICYCLE is an importer, manufacturer and distributor of adult tricycles, tandem tricycles, electric bicycles, power assist tricycles, recumbent bicycles, recumbent tricycles, folding bikes, trikes, tandem bicycles, push and kick scooters, both folding and non-folding stunt scooters and special needs tricycles.

In terms of costs:

Comfort Tri-Rider (without electric kit): $765.00 CAD

Comfort Tri-Rider 36V electric: $1499.95 CAD


Model: 98200N 36V-12Ah, 500 Watt, SLA (sealed lead acid):  $949.00 CAD

Model: 98200L 36V-12Ah, 500 Watt, Lithium: $1,299.00 CAD

Shipping: Between $50 and $100

Assembly at Hub City Cycles:  $60

While it may seem expensive to some compared with other bikes, or even small cars, they are an excellent option if you can no longer drive and/or are looking for way to stay active without having to worry about balance.  They don’t need gas or insurance either.

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  1. I live in Salmon Arm,BC,and the local bike shop has no interest in trikes.I am81 Yeats old ,fairly fit,but with balance issues.If you have ever been here you know that it is quite hilly,more so than Nanaimo.I have been on the website for Belize bikes,and wonder if you would be willing to order one for me and get it drop shipped here?

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