Its our Third Birthday Party!!

…And we’re celebrating it in style!

We’re having a Potluck a few weeks before our AGM to celebrate our Third Birthday.  That’s right, 3 years ago Jawn, Keegan, and Justin gave birth to this lovely co-op.  3 dads!  No mom!

When:  Sunday March 1st, 5:30pm
Why:  Cause its our BIRTHDAY!!
Where:  At our bike shop, 12 Lois Lane, Nanaimo

We have done a lot in the past few years:
– Gained 850 user members who can do a heck of a lot with our shop!
– Started a bike rental program for tourists and locals
– Fostered the birth of two high-school bike clubs
– Donated $15,000 to the Nanaimo Regional Rail Trail
– Donated $1000 to the Otesha Project
– Built many, many used bicycles
– Eaten 43 ibs of bike grease (unintentionally)
– Flossed our teeth with brake cables (partly intentionally)
– Gained a new appreciation for hand-cleaning.

We would love to see you all there!  Bring friends and food!

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