1,000 Lumen Lights

We have two new bike lights available at our shop!


This Light retails for $95.

The SG-Thumb II has a run time of about 5 hours on its highest setting, and is rated for 1,000 Lumens.  It is small, bright, and mounts easily to your helmet, or handlebar.  It is water-resistant, and comes with a lithium battery.  It has 3 brightness settings. 


This Light retails for $105.

The SG-N1000 has run time at its brightest setting of 3 hours.  Although rated at 1000 Lumens, it is brighter than the SG-Thumb II; bigger bulb, bigger battery, farther reach with its shine.  It has three brightness settings, and a blinding strobe setting (just in case you get abducted by aliens, and need a distraction for a get-away).

The lights were tested in grueling conditions during a Hammerfest Night Ride and performed great.  Super awesome lights for your super awesome hobbies.

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