FREE WORKSHOP on Winter Riding! 20% OFF Waterproof/Safety Gear

Hey all of you out there in Nanaimo,

We’re offering a workshop on having fun.  It on November 25th, from 6:30 – 7:30pm.

Actually, its called ‘How to Stay Warm and Dry(ish) when Riding a Bicycle’.   There’s a few tricks that can be offered to folks learning how to ride their bikes year-round.  Such as, having rain gear, a helmet cover, good winter boots, and WOOL.  Because, you will, eventually, become wet.  Staying WARM while wet is a life-saver.

After our workshop, we’re offering 20% all our rain gear, as well as our lights, and anything that counts as Safety Gear (helmets, reflective stuff, mirrors).

So party on, and come join us for some milk and cookies (BYO milk and cookies ;)

In Gears,


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