Fix or Replace?

Here at Hub City, our customers and mechanics are often faced with the dilemma to fix or replace a bike part.
However, if our mechanics ever say “well, you could replace it,” this is what they’re actually saying: the part is not entirely dead yet.
If the part is simply worn, it means it will continue working to move your bike forward and stop it reliably.

Hub City Cycles has a range of gently used parts that you can use as replacements if you need to replace a part.


If the part is broken, it means it is still fixable—and worth the trouble of fixing. In fact, it’ll probably be cheaper to fix the part than replace it. Once fixed, of course, these parts  will not be like new and will still wear out faster than new parts.
So, when you’re faced with “fix or replace?” this is really what you need to decide: How much do you want to spend and how important is it to you to have a bike with new parts?
Either way, there is one thing you can be guaranteed of at HCC… we will never force you to replace a part that still has some life in it.



In certain situations, such as when brake pads are worn past the wear line, a part must be replaced. At this point, you or your bike could be damaged if a new (or gently used) part is not put onto your vehicle.

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