A New Face at HCC: Christian Lilholt

There’s a new bike mechanic at Hub City and he’s about as homegrown as it gets.

Originally from Cedar, Christian Lilholt started volunteering at HCC while he was still in high school. In retP1030324urn he received shop time in which he built up old bikes. In fact, all said and done, Christian ended up spending most of his week at Hub City!

Eventually, after many months of helping out and proving his self-taught mechanical skills the old-fashioned greasy way, the shop officially hired him.

“Working at Hub City enables me to fulfil my passion for bikes,” Christian says. “And I’ve learned a lot in the short time I’ve been here.”

Like before, Christian stills spends a lot of his time off at the shop working on his own projects. However, on those rare occasions that he does get away, he likes to surf the net, build motorized vehicles, and—of course—ride his bike.

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