A New Face at Hub City

Jess, HCC’s media / event co-ordinator.

There is a new face at Hub City Cycles. Jessica Skelton recently came on-board as the media / event co-ordinator. She’ll be in charge of updating the shop’s social media and website, as well as helping HCC become even more community-based by organizing workshops and taking the portable bike stand to events around Nanaimo.

Jessica first came into Hub City in 2012 while writing an article for VIU’s newspaper, the Navigator. She quickly became a regular shop rat, especially when she started to commute to work by bicycle after graduation. “I was riding so much that I really wanted to know how to fix my own bike, just in case,” she says. “Plus it was a great way to unwind after a day in front of the computer.” Over the next year, she dug even deeper. Jess took the Park Tool School course and then used these skills to teach the W&LGBT workshops at HCC.

Now, she’s excited to step into her new role, which allows her to combine her bike knowledge and her skills in multimedia journalism. “I get to write, take pictures, and play with bikes alongside some awesome co-workers at a shop with an awesome mission… how much better can it get?!?”

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