Workshop: Wheel Truing – Wed, Jan 29 @ 6:30

 This upcoming workshop we will be focusing on wheel truing/straightening and spoke replacement.  Some people may think that once a wheel is bent its junk, but sometimes it can be repaired. The idea that the art of wheel truing and spoke lacing is a skill left for the most elite of bicycle mechanics, is simply is not true (har har!).

This is a extremely useful skill to have, especially if you are ever planning a long distance bike trip and need to do this yourself on the road. Having a straight wheel will also do wonders for your braking ability.  So come on down learn a thing or two and we will teach you the secret handshake of the Fraternal Order of Wheel True’rs.

Our workshops are FREE for co-op members and by donation for non-members. A lifetime membership is only $5.

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