SlowSpokes Social Ride Group

The SlowSpokes are a group of bike enthusiasts whom all met volunteering at HubCity Cycles. The original Members are  CJ, Doug, Allen and Keith (Clean-up crew at Hub City Cycles).

“We all have different levels of bike skills. A goal was to progress our skill and comfort levels on our bikes and increase our physical fitness.

We have at least one weekly bike ride, and everyone is welcome. Check our ride schedule on the SlowSpokes Website. These are all social rides and not races, all skill levels and types of bikes are welcome. These are all no-drop rides, so you will always have someone to ride with. You too can become a SlowSpoke!

Slowspokes has grown beyond the clean-up crew, to anyone who wants to join us for one of our weekly rides. Come to one of our ride meetings at on Wednesdays at 10am at Serious Coffee on Commercial Street. Ride suggestions are welcome!”

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