W&LGBT Workshop – Flat Repair

girl-flat-tireWoman & LGBT Workshop – Flat Repairs – December 3rd 6:30pm

One of the very first things that many people first learn to repair on their bicycle is a flat tire, it is one of the most common bicycle related problems.  I find even myself it took about a couple years after I started riding before I left my spoons behind and learned how to properly fix a flat tire.  Things involved with properly fixing a flat tire is locating the cause of the flat, detecting signs of a worn out tire, patching, and most important how to put the tire back on without breaking your wrist.  All woman and anyone whom generally speaking would be intimidated to be in a bicycle shop are welcome (i.e LGBTT and queer).  In case you did not know we have very thorough policies to ensure that our bike shop is a safe and welcome space for everyone.

See you there!

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