Volunteering with High School Bike Clubs

Interested in joining us as a mentor for students?

Operation Generation Bike Club is located at John Barsby Secondary.  This bike club began in January 2013 with a committed group of volunteers, a tonne of tools and parts, and some very inspiring school staff.  The club runs once weekly, focusing on bike mechanics in all aspects.  This bike club is mainly facilitated and run by volunteers, with a high volunteer:student ratio (1:1 sometimes!).   We primarily work with youth who have disabilities.  The times/start date for this club is still to be determined.

The Woodlands Twisted Spokes runs out of Woodlands Secondary on Thursday afternoons from 3 – 5pm. Beginning in October 2012, this club is mostly student run, and focuses on repairing bikes for teachers, other students, and themselves.  We have begun working with a credit system, allowing students who are repairing other’s peoples bikes to benefit themselves in that they receive shop credit for the work they’ve provided.   This group works with at-risk youth.

To volunteer, you’ll need a criminal record check (which can be reimbursed as needed), and to contact Tyler at info@hubcitycycles.ca.  NO PRIOR MECHANICAL EXPERIENCE NECESSARY, however a desire to mentor youth is important!


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