Ride Report: Duncan & Back On Our Ebike


So for quite some time Canadian Tire had a drill bit on sale that we really wanted but Nanaimo had none of them in stock.  So I had the idea to take our e-bike to duncan with just one battery, grab the drill bit set, charge the battery at a cafe, than return home.

As a pre-cursor to this report I will mention I was somewhat skeptical of the roles electric bikes play in the cycling sport and community.  Another important thing to mention is I have suffered from tendonitis in my knee since last year, and the farthest I have ever cycled since without injuring myself was about 10-20 km max.

It was a huge treat to get out and do a long distance ride with no concerns of my injury re-emerging.  I was very suprised as I cycled to Duncan with a stiff south-east wind at an average speed of 25km / hour that I was still getting an incrediblely good workout.  I was not just sitting back with my hand on the throttle, I was maintaining a proper high cadence!  The ease of cycling uphill was such a treat and I reached up to 50km/hr coming downhill.  I will admit my eye was constantly on our cycle analyst which gave me an accurate report of my energy consumption and allowed me to calculate at about half way that I would have enough power to make my destination.  I am very grateful of our geared motor (compared to direct drive such as e-bikes) because my battery died just as I arrived in Duncan and I was able to pedal the bike the rest of the way to my favourite Duncan cafe.

I sat down for three hours, read some good chapters in my book, was fully charged and headed back home.  100 kilometers is definitly the farthest I have ever biked in one day.  I was also very pleastantly suprised that after my trip I had that same euphoric excitement and energy that I associate with long distance rides in the past.

I can say with certainty now that I feel that electric bikes have a very important role to play in cycling esppecially those with injuries or those who want to exponentially increase their cycling distance.   All and all  I am happy that these incredible machines are available and hope they can help more people enjoy the wonderful world of cycling.


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  1. Great to read you had a enjoyable trip.

    I recently just bought a Slane Santiago fat tire ebike. I Love It !!
    I myself want to go for a trip to Ladysmith, then Duncan. But I have been told i’d not be allowed to drive a ebike like mine, on the highway there. Is that true ? Or would I be allowed. I prefer to peddle with the bike rather than sit back and rely on the electric power.

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