Nanaimo Carshare Co-op

Nanaimo CarShare Cooperative’s been on the road for over two years now! With 36 individual and 2 employer-members sharing two cars, the Co-op is making an impact in Nanaimo. Combined with cycling, walking, transit, taxis, and conventional rental car, carsharing may provide the critical piece of the mobility puzzle that encourages many citizens to free themselves of the high cost and hassle of vehicle ownership.

NCS recently added a major new benefit for members: a “roaming” alliance with Modo the Car Co-op in Vancouver. Under this arrangement, Nanaimo CarShare members can drive any of Modo’s vehicles at over 200 locations in metro Vancouver. If you need vehicle mobility during a trip to the lower mainland, this is the way to go!

Another exciting development at Nanaimo CarShare is the donation of $1,000 in seed money for a Membership Assistance Fund (MAF). NCS needs capital for vehicles, so joining the Co-op requires a $500 share purchase (refundable if you leave the Cooperative). To help ease this financial hurdle, new members who qualify may now be able to borrow up to $300 of the $500 share purchase from the MAF and repay the loan over the course of up to a year.

To learn more about Nanaimo CarShare, check its website.

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