Closed August 5th – BC Day Holiday

Just wanted to let everyone know we will be closed Monday August 5th for a statutory Civic Holiday, BC Day. In case you ever wondered why we have a holiday  on this day, the internet says…

“The origins of the holiday on the first Monday in August seem to stem back to a “day of recreation” first organized by Toronto City Council in 1869. In Ontario, a range of local names are used, which often honor significant people in the history of the province. In Toronto, the first Monday in August is known as Simcoe Day after John Graves Simcoe, who founded the town of York, Upper Canada, which became Toronto. He was also the first lieutenant governor of the province. In Ottawa, it is called Colonel By Day in honor of John By, who led the construction of the Rideau Canal, or Waterway, and founded Bytown, which became the city of Ottawa.”


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