Bikes can take you places school never could

After seven months of blood, sweat, peals of laughter, endless frustration, and incredible learning experiences, Hub City Cycles volunteer Jessica Skelton finally finished her new touring bike! Aside from fabricating parts, this baby—dubbed Reine—was 100% custom built and painted. The hand built wheels are holding up beautifully and the friction gears (21-speed with a 22-36-44 ring in the front) shifts smooth as a knife through warm butter. Jessica would like to give a million thanks to Justin, Jawn, and Tyler for all their lessons, friendship, and power tools (including a blow torch); and many thanks to her parents for their support and for teaching her how to rig up a painting booth in the garage.

This bike’s humble beginning came started as a frame collecting dust in Victor Anthony’s small community bike shop on Gabriola at the commons.  After Justin taught a workshop and saw this bike and was like whoah sweet frame, and Victor graciously donated it.  After that he biked back to the ferry carrying this frame on his shoulder.

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