Presenting the Hub City Cycles Art Contest!

This is a call for Art Submissions. We will be awarding two $500 gift certificate prizes to two amazing artists who present art with any bicycle theme, or simply just why they love bicycles. The art could be in multiple forms (but not limited to) painting, photograph, sculpture, spoken word, music, one act play, poem, haiku, anything you want!

We will be hosting a art show at CHLY’s Global Headquarters and any poetry or live performances will be streamed on CHLY TV and will be recorded to share on the radio! Everyone who attends the event will get a vote towards who they think deserves one of the prizes.

Deadline for submissions is June 1st. 
Art Show is June 14th 7:00pm @ CHLY’s Global Headquarters

Rules are as follow:

– Only one submission per person is allowed

– Anyone in this galaxy & multiverse at large may enter but you must be present at the Art Show to present your work on June14th, 2013 at CHLY’s Global Headquarters.
– At the art show each attendee will be given one ballot to vote for whom they feel deserves the prize. Ballots will be counted at the end of the night and one prize will be awarded as the people’s choice prize. The second prize will be awarded to whom a multi-facet panel of judges comes to consensus on who deserves the prize.
– We will be accepting a maximum of 100 submissions via email that includes your name, a preview of the art, the art media and the name of your work. The artists are responsible to bring their art and presentation method (eisel, hooks, wires, projector etc…) to the art show at a specified time.

Questions and Submission can be directed to:

Big Thanks to Elephant Room Creative for the rad poster!

Happy Creating!

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