Weekend Rider Safety Course!


Hey YOU!

That’s right, not your cat behind you.  But YOU!
Wanna learn how to commute safely on Nanaimo City Streets?  Or sharpen up your skills on Braking, Cornering, and negotiating sticky traffic situations?
What about going for a group ride, coaching eachother on staying safe on the streets, because staying alive is not only enjoyable but generally a great idea?

Yeah?  Well so do many others, so come out and participate in our ONLY two-day rider safety workshop.  Happening two weeks from now on May 25/26th, the class runs from 10am – 2:30pm both days.

We’ll be covering:
– Route Planning
– Basic bicycle safety inspections
– Negotiation of traffic scenarios specific to Nanaimo’s downtown
– Exploration of existing bike routes in Nanaimo
– Riding skill drills, focusing on emergency braking, corning, and agility


Course cost: $65 for nine hours of greatness

To Register:
Course number:  #120770
Visit the City of Nanaimo Parks Rec and Culture website

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