Community Bike Shops Abroad

Pender Re-Cycle

So you might ask what community bike mechanics do after working a long hard week fixing multiple bikes and helping share their skills, sometimes they just go to other community bike shops and work on more bikes!

ShopWhen I first met my friend Laurie I was on Quadra Island taking my bike mechanic school and we were both writing our news chapters in community bicycle shops.  At that time I was about to start H4C with Jawn and Laurie was just starting a small community bike shop on Pender Island.  Luckily Laurie was able to team up with his island’s recycling service to help deal with the abundance of bicycles being discarded / recycled / thrown away.  Pender’s small bike shop is a great example how community bicycle shops can work and thrive in just about any community.  It was a huge honor to get to visit Laurie and Penders Recycle Community Bike Shop.  I also got to fix up this absolute mint Scott frame with all Suntour XC Comp components, so cool that jems like this show up sometimes.

What community shop will Baylee & I visit next?  Hopefully Haida Gwaii’s Bike Re-Psych!


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