With the weather getting a lot nicer recently I’ve seen a lot more cyclists out on the roads. This is great to see, and at the same time it is also horrifying to see the dangerous situations some cyclists are putting themselves and others in. The most dangerous example I have seen numerous times is riding against traffic, which the term “salmon” has been invented to describe. No matter how I am transporting myself, seeing a cyclist coming straight at me is terrifying. Common sense would tell me to keep right, but since they are already on the wrong side of the road, common sense is obviously not in play here. Please obey the rules of the road as bicycles are vehicles. Be predictable, stay visible and everyone on the road will appreciate you a lot more.

For more information on how to ride your bike safely on the roads please visit the Bike Sense website and read the very comprehensive manual they have produced. We also have free paper copies in the store.

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