Bike Racks on the Greyhound

Looking at the result of the latest poll, it seems obvious that there are people interested in seeing Greyhound provided a means to transport bicycles easily. They have a large portion of the  inter-city mass transit market on Vancouver Island (aside from Tofino Bus and Island Link) and they serve the entire island with regularity. I started a petition a few years ago to gauge whether there was interest in seeing a more convenient way to transport bicycles between cities on Vancouver Island without the use of a car. Over 500 people signed it.

Aside from the 500 signatures of people I also received letters of support from all 4 cycling coalitions on Vancouver Island further endorsing the idea of improving bike transportation infrastructure on inter-city mass transit buses. This petition and support letters were presented to a Greyhound representative as a suggestion that if Greyhound were to implement a convenient bike transportation option many people would be more likely to ride the bus.

First Greyhound stated they did not have any plans to implement bike racks, one of the arguments being that the highway buses travel too fast to accommodate bikes. Here is a quote from the article in Monday Magazine covering this issue:

 “…after years of resistance to the idea—also claiming high speeds somehow prevented safe racking of bikes—Toronto’s Go Transit system in 2008 installed exterior bike carriers on all its buses, including express buses that hurtle the hour-plus route between Toronto and Hamilton on the QEW.”

The technology is available to transport bikes on buses that travel at high speed. For now, Greyhound has stated that they have no plans to explore this option further. If you are interested in contacting Greyhound and kindly asking if they would consider exploring options to accommodate cyclists, you can do so by phoning or emailing Tim Stokes at 1-513-362-4600 or

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