February Women & LGBT Workshop

On Monday February 11th @ 6:30pm we will be hosting our monthly Women and LGBT workshop. We’re excited to announce that  Jessica Skelton has volunteered to lead these workshops. About a year ago she also wrote our favourite article for The Navigator covering the opening of our shop and what we are all about. Here’s a glimpse of what she will be covering during the workshop…

Does riding your bike leaving you pained in all the wrong places and never wanting to get back in the saddle again? Well, you might have a bike fit problem. That’s why this month’s Women & LGBT workshop night (Monday Feb. 11) is all about simple–but often overlooked–tips for making you as comfortable on your bike as possible. Learn about handlebar and saddle height, hand brake positioning, proper pedaling technique, picking the right seat, and quick on/off bike stretches that will have you riding farther, faster, and much happier!

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