Youth Programs are Awesome

Have you heard how Hub City Cycles (you’ve heard of them, right?) has TWO youth programs currently in operation?

The first, Operation Generation, is awesome.  A wonderfully talented group of seniors have joined forces with a few of the students at John Barsby Secondary to rock their bicycle-printed socks off.  Last week, we dove head-first into Tires and Tubes, and this week our focus is Hubs and Ball Bearing Service.  Our group will thoroughly cover all aspects of bicycles, and meets once weekly for two hours at a time.  For John Barsby students, this is an ideal opportunity to gain mechanical skills that could later help them in employment in the bicycle industry.  For our seniors, the program is an ideal way to pass on life experience to young adults entering our society.  The program is funded by Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program.

In addition to this…

The Hub Club at Woodlands Secondary is also nearing terminal velocity!  Arriving fresh to start off the new year with a buzz, our first session spoke of certifying the club’s members with our Parks Tools Advanced Bicycle Mechanics and Repair course.  Being funded through a grant from the Council of Canadians, the club’s intention is to serve as a space for students to learn about bicycle mechanics, leadership, and safe commuting.  Once the weather warms up, we intend to focus on safe-commuting by learning how to Shoulder Check, and use Hand Signals to communicate to drivers.

This spring/summer, Hub City Cycles is partnering with the City of Nanaimo to offer additional bike programs, including a Weekend Rider Safety Course, a Do-It-Yourself Bicycle Tune-up for Beginners, and a week-long Bicycle Kid’s Camp during the summer months.  Stay tuned for how you or your kids can get involved with these great programs.

Peace and bicycle grease,

Tyler & Hub City




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