Wet/Cold Weather Riding Workshop-TUESDAY NIGHT!

Its that time of year when bikes aren’t quite getting the use they were getting in the summer time. The next workshop we will be doing will be talking about riding all year round. The reason I moved to the west coast was to do exactly that. Lemme tell ya, its way more enticing riding here in the winter than almost anywhere else in Canada. We have it good. Its mostly a matter of getting the right gear and wanting to ride. ┬áIn fact, once you are well equipped, riding in the rain (and occasional snow) can be exhilarating because you aren’t having to worry about being cold or wet. If you want to learn how to ride your bike year round, learn strategies how to cope with the elements better, or have some information to share with others, come on out on Tuesday, January 22nd at 6:30. We will be talking about what sort of equipment and clothing is appropriate as well as things to be aware of while riding.

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