New Computer Day

We recently teamed up with Volunteer Nanaimo, a great organization that promotes the development of volunteerism in the Nanaimo region, and also runs a slew of other positive change-making programs. Check out their website for more info. They also provide non-profits with office equipment when it is donated to them.

We got word today that they had a computer for us, so I whipped up to their office with my trailer and coasted home down the E&N trail into the harbour with what will be the central piece of our new volunteer and co-op member workstation, library and research centre.  Thanks Dave! Now to find a desk  to put it on.

Also note my new Showers Pass Elite Jacket which I am wearing and really loving. We are now a Showers pass dealer and can get all sorts of great waterproof gear. These Jackets also happen to be on sale right now.

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