Freewheels For the Holidays: A Recap

Sorry for delaying the post on this but I thought I would let everyone know that our very first Freewheel For the Holidays went off with a great success with the help of Andy from Vibe Bikes, Hub City staff and some very helpful volunteers.

A big shout out to Miyo for baking us a delicious spelt flour cake the day before to keep our appetite satiated whilst working hard away on all these bikes.

Our bike quest began with a large generous donation of youth bikes of all sizes from Vibe Bikes.  They all came in various states and with various parts and we all excitingly went to work rebuilding, tuning up and replacing cables, shifters, chains, housing and any other part that needed to be replaced.

In the end after many hours of volunteer work we had completed twelve tuned up bikes to give away for the holidays.  Thankfully we did not have to turn anyone down the morning of the giveaway and had just enough bikes for everyone.  Andy graciously offered to deliver all of the bikes to their warm new homes.  A big thanks to Andy, Tyler, Allen, Nate, Miyo and everyone else who helped make the holidays season a special one full of bikes!  Cannot wait to do it again next year.



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