Member Profile – Gerald Maillet

We’d like to introduce you to Gerald Maillet. He recently completely stripped the parts off of his old bike frame and put them onto a new and more appropriately sized frame. It was quite the project and we thought it was well worthy of mention, especially since he did not have very much bike mechanicking experience going into this project. Gerald is 52 years old, is just over 6 feet tall and lives on Gabriola Island.

“I had always been dreaming of a place like Hub City Cycles where I could build and fix my own bike, and learn to be comfortable with doing repairs by myself. I like how the shop is very close downtown, has friendly and helpful staff, reasonable prices and a wide variety of used and new parts.

I decided to build my own bike because my bike was too small and couldn’t find a bike that was big enough. I wanted to build the bike myself because it sounded like a much more fun process. The sense of pride for having put it together was well worth the effort. Its very comfortable and exactly what I wanted.

I’ve been riding a bike since 2004. A friend who I grew up with got me into it to go trail riding with him in Vancouver. I hadn’t ridden a bike before that since I was 18, so wanted more experience.  Its my only vehicle and a healthy and fun way to get around.”

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