Hub City Cycles and CHLY present a Tandem Street Fair

Mark Saturday, June 16 on your calendar (its marked on ours in case you forget), cuz the China steps are gonna be rockin.

CHLY is having another street fair equipped with vegan chilli and live music all day. We are teaming up with our neighbours, to celebrate our grand opening by offering a wide range of prizes and raffles through out the day!

CHLY is offering the public a space to sell anything and everything. From art, jewellery, clothing, furniture, food, garden gnomes, anything goes! Contact to register a table for $10

Hub City Cycles is also hosting a Bike Swap from 12-3pm. Bring any of your old parts or even bikes to participate. The cost for selling small number of items at the bike swap will be $2. If you have a lot of items, getting a table from CHLY might be a better option.

Towards the end of the day at 7pm we will be going on a bike ride, which we call “Hill Pride”. We are proud of our hilly surroundings and want to celebrate them by riding up to Witchcraft Lake. Upon our return we will take the party inside the bike shop for more music and fun.

Check out the Facebook Event Page for more details.

In case you were wondering, that awesome poster was designed by Keegan!

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