Bike Polo

Some of you may have heard of this game called bike polo. We’ve been playing regularly in Nanaimo for about 2.5 years, and it can be found in almost every major city in the world. Its like playing hockey but on a bike, there are few rules,  and is loosely organized by the locals who play. Anyone who enjoys riding their bike and playing team sports is likely to fall in love.

The people who play bike polo vary widely; unbounded by age, gender, occupation, income, interests, competitiveness, ability and more. It is for the most part a very inclusive, open-minded and fun-loving community. We now have quite a number of people who come and play every week, which is great. If you are interested in learning more or trying it out for yourself please send us an email. All you need is a bike. Mallets will be provided and helmets are recommended. In the meantime, check out our website to see what polo is all about.

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