Morningstar Herbals

We just got a fresh supply of products from our friend Stephanie Mills, who is the the Nanaimo entrepreneur behind Morningstar Herbals.

If you have sore muscles, sprains, bumps, bruises and aches from riding or falling, I’d highly recommend Biker’s Balm. I keep it close at hand whether I am at home or on a bike tour to soothe my aches and pains.

For wounds, cuts, scrapes (or other topical conditions such as rashes, cold sores, burns, bug bites, zits, excema, psoriasis, cracked fingers, weird dermatitis, etc., etc., etc.) that you might have sustained during that epic bail on the trails or polo court or anywhere in between, Cyclist’s Salve will help to treat, prevent infection and heal wounds.

These and a variety of other great products (balms, salves, teas, creams) are hand-made locally made by Stephanie, a Certified Clinical Herbal Therapist, are all-natural, and are crafted with wild and organically grown B.C. plants.

Biker’s Balm and Cyclist’s Salve is now available here for only $12.

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