COVID-19 Update

nanaimo bike shop

Your downtown Nanaimo bike shop is still open our regular days and hours (Tues-Sat 10-6). Some operational changes to note :

  • We are only allowing one customer/group in the shop at a time so if we are helping someone else please bear with us and wait outside until we have had a chance to finish,  and we will be right with you.
  • Masks have been made mandatory inside retail spaces by the BC Provincial Health Office. If you do not have a mask you can buy one inside for $1.
  • Please use the supplied hand sanitizer on the front counter when you enter the shop.
  • Maintain social distancing whenever possible.

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding to help keep everyone safer.

It seems that a byproduct of COVID is that more people are choosing to cycle…which is great! The down side is that the bike industry is experiencing an overwhelming demand on its resources right now. Suppliers to every Nanaimo bike shop and everywhere beyond are out of stock of a variety of items and shipments are delayed sometimes by weeks. Fortunately, we are pretty well stocked with most of what we need right now, except for a few odds and ends. Please bear with us as we are working extra hard to keep up and are being challenged by the limited amount of products we have accessible to use.

We would like to thank everyone who voted for us with their dollars and generosity throughout these COVID times. You are still always welcome to donate bikes and parts or buy gift certificates, & shares in the Co-op . Click on the heart image to take action. We appreciate anything you can give in order to help support our operations. Wash your hands and stay safe.

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