Bikes for Sale

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Our used bikes are not just tuned up but often fully overhauled with new parts. Each bike is professionally reconditioned and many sport new parts.  However, we try to keep as many components as possible on the bike, to reuse as much as is possible and reduce waste.

The price for each bike is determined from the cost of any new components and how long it takes to recondition.  The money goes to cover the costs of running the shop and the outreach activities we are involved in.  Purchasing a bicycle from Hub City Cycles means that your money is going towards ensuring the accessibility of cycling for all.


All bikes come with a 30 day warranty for parts and performance.  This covers tuning new cables when they stretch with use, proper fit issues, and any mechanical problems.

Project 529

Heard of Project 529? All our bicycles come with registration.

Project 529 is a anti-theft strategy that combines tamper-resistant decals with a social-media based app that helps you A) record the identifying serial number and photos of your bike and B) alert the police and general area if your bike gets stolen.  The RCMP are big supporters of this system!




$275. Deep pink KHS step-through bicycle. 15 speeds and sized for the smaller person. Great bike if you’d rather cycle upright than bent over. The bright colour makes it easy to spot in a crowd. Can be outfitted with fenders and a rack to make it a super commuter at a discount with purchase of bicycle. Comes with Project 529 registration and 30 day warranty.

$300. 16″ Specialized HardRock ready to roll for summer! Best for shorter people 5’3″-5’6″, this bike comfortably fits the limited of arm and leg. Don’t laugh; when you have short limbs, it’s hard to find a bike that works. This one does. Fully reconditioned, this bike sports new fenders and can be outfitted with a rack, should you desire. Comes with Project 529 registration and our 30 day warranty for parts and performance.

450. 58cm BIG road bike for the tall person who wants to really ride. Vintage Fiori Modena at your service with all vintage components except for the aluminum alloy wheels, which make your ride that much lighter. Project 529 registration and 30 day warranty come with purchase.


400. Sweet Japanese-built Nishiki Campus touring bike that fits 4’10-5’4″. All steel, all the time. Front and rear fenders and racks. If you want to invest $200 more, we can swap the heavy steel wheels with fast alloy ones that will actually stop in the rain. Comes with Project 529 registration and a 30 day warranty.


If you’re looking for a sturdy mountain bike that fits around 4’11” – 5’3″, take this one for a spin. New wheels, cables, and housing. 21 speeds will get you up and down Island hills. Fully professionally tuned and ready to go. Project 529 registration and a 30 day warranty comes with the bike purchase!